Patricia Taylor

Patricia Taylor is a Los Angeles based mother, writer, producer, world -renowned businesswoman and philanthropist with interests in many countries around the globe.

Born in England, she fell in love with theatre and film at an early age.  To honour her skills in the arts, she attended the esteemed Gaiety Theatre Academy in Dublin.  Patricia is a prolific writer and has written three screenplays, all in various stages of development.

Patricia currently serves as Chief Executive Officer for both the Manitou Foundation and the Manitou Institute & Conservancy. (  She is a highly regarded forward thinker. Patricia is working with indigenous peoples, wisdom keepers and business leaders who are paving the way for effective change and shift for a more sustainable future - Her primary work embraces the Human Potential Movement focusing on wider global issues and social activism with a special connection and love for the world's indigenous peoples.

Ms. Taylor has produced two independent documentaries.  "Forever three", which takes an in-depth look at children with autism and "Hot Flash Havoc", with a focus on women's health and hosted by Goldie Hawn.  She co-hosted the web-series "New Realities" which gave viewers insight into modern New Age prophesies.  Currently, she is producing a documentary about the San Pedro cactus and the Shamans of the Sacred Valley in Peru.  This project spotlights the amazing healing abilities and overall health benefits of this ancient and sacred medicine.  Patricia is also in partnership with the Human Health Organization, a James Cameron company on multiple health related tech endeavours.

Patricia is active in several charitable foundations including the American Red Cross.  The Boys & Girls Club of Malibu and Aspen.  She is currently working with Clare Cameron, the Executive Director of the Pacific Meso Centre.  Patricia has a heart for families whose lives are suddenly interrupted due to debilitating diseases.  She has hosted several events to raise money for the River of Life Foundation, a charity that supports children and their families who have been affected by cancer.  Currently Patricia and the Manitou Charity are building elementary schools for disadvantaged children in the mountains of Peru.  She is also actively fundraising for Response, an organization which empowers survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.